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Why Choose Sprouts Training?

Sprouts Training was established in 2019 and designed with you in mind.

Here at Sprouts we go the extra mile, we care about each step of your journey. We take great pride in getting to know you and your business to ensure we can offer a customised service all under one roof.

Experts in the industry, with over 20 years’ experience combined, our mission is to provide the best quality training within all the sectors from small business’, Childcare Professionals, CPD support to schools, and families, working to boost professional and personal confidence in the form of knowledge and skills to help tackle any situation.

Some Trainee Comments...

"Feeling more confident when being met with a First Aid Response. Any Aid given with knowledge will help"
"I really enjoyed this course, I feel so much more confident having learnt a lot from this course. The trainers were both really helpful, I did First Aid before with someone different and never learnt this much before."
"I have learnt the most on this course than any of the 3 I have done before, it's been great"
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