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Summer is officially here, and we will all be looking forward to the warmer weather.  Take the opportunity to celebrate World Environment Day this month with both staff and the children in your setting through activities and exploring the outside.  The importance of recycling and the effect that plastics are having on our wildlife are always important topics for children to understand.

Monthly Awareness Days

It’s important to role model healthy eating for children in your setting, so take a look at the resource links below to see how you can encourage healthy eating with your staff.  You could give children small amounts of different fruit or vegetables to try and posters can be displayed in your office to show alternative healthy snacks for adults.

Healthy eating and adequate exercise can have a positive effect on productivity and absence rates amongst employees therefore encouraging good healthy practices can have a big impact on your business.   Remember that when you talk to staff and children it is all about education and not shaming them for choices they are currently making!

World Environment Day 2021 – Event Info and Resources (twinkl.co.uk)

Food A Fact Of Life

Vary your veg – British Nutrition Foundation

Get active together – British Nutrition Foundation

Physical activity, healthy eating and healthier weight: a toolkit for employers – Mental Health At Work

Selection of Monthly Awareness Days:

(full list can be found on our HR calendar):

  • Volunteers’ Week – 1st June – 6th June
  • World Environment Day – 5th June
  • Healthy Eating Week – 14th June
  • Autistic Pride Day – 18th June

Inspirational Quote

"’The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new."

Getting back to the ‘New Normal’

We are excited with the thought that we will hopefully be able to allow more delegates into our training room, following the Governments announcement on the 14th June, with the restrictions being eased, if not removed, for the planned date of the 21st June.

Worried at what to expect when attending face to face training again?

We have found that a few of our delegates that have attended our courses have been quite anxious as they are not sure what to expect and how the room will be laid out.

Here at Sprouts, our training facility allows us to space each delegate out, with their own equipment so that group activities can still take place. Each delegate will be supplied with their own manikins, bandages, wipes and auto injectors.

Catch our video HERE to show you how the room is laid out.

Need a course? Check out our courses availability HERE.

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