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Managing holidays for your team is difficult at the best of times but with COVID and Furlough, managing employee holidays in 2021 is even harder!

We have put together some tips on Managing Employee Holidays in 2021 in ways you may not even know about!

As so much has happened this year with the pandemic we just wanted to remind you about the recent changes about carrying over holidays and the working time directive. It allows employees to carry over up to 4 weeks of holidays for the next 2 years. These regulations were amended to support employers whose employees have been impacted by the pandemic that has not been reasonably practicable to take. More details on this can be found in the membership hub.

Now the issue that this is going to cause is that just as business and the economy is getting better all your team need to take holidays. So how can you manage employee holidays in 2021?

  1. Review your holiday policy – having this ensures expectations are clear from both Employers and Employees

  2. Holidays and Furlough – A reminder that those on furlough can take holiday

  3. Specify any days when holiday must be taken.  You can make employees take holiday but it is better to discuss and agree

  4. Paying for V’s Taking Holidays – You can’t just buy employees holidays from them they need to be taken as per the statutory minimum guidelines

  5. Evaluate requests for extended holiday – whilst you may limit holiday to 10 working days sometimes there is a need for employees to take more

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